Sunday, March 1, 2009

Halo 4 Coming Soon: Announced?

Halo 4 rumors begin in 2008. They indicated no future release date, but rumors have been said that Halo 4 might be release for the Xbox 720. They plan to add a lot to Halo 4, they plan to include new maps as well as favorites from the past.

With all the new plan they have, they might break Halo 3’s record of sales and pre-orders, although Halo 3 is 1 of the top most sold games.

In halo 4, they plan to add and keep maps like Lockout, Midship, the Pitt, Guardian, Warlock, and many others will be there with the release. For the most part, there have been no rumors on new gun's, however you can assume they will altar the power of some guns to make gameplay more gun.

Halo 4 have not been announced by the Bungie, and rumors have been going that they have no longer owns the rights to the halo franchise. Also, Bungie has also become bored of Halo and wants to work on a new project. If Halo 4 is ever made, it will probably be made by some other company.

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Anonymous said...

Cant wait till this comes out

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