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Noby Noby Boy Trophy Tips - Get Them All

Considering that only one of these is not a hidden trophy you can look at the trophy list and get most of these on your own, here is the help for all the trophies if you are having problems.

Bronze Trophies

Take 10 inhabitants for a ride.

I did this on the level full of animals and little elves. Stretch out as far as you can and just hold it till the trophy pops up.

Eat 20 inhabitants.

This is interesting to get, grow out to around 100m and start eating people. (tap L2 when close and facing them) Once you have the 20 the trophy will pop up, and yes you have to have them all at once.

Stretch BOY to a length of 100m.

Very easy to get, hold the sticks in opposite directions till the trophy pops up. You can go off the edge with out any worry and if you start in the middle can still grow out past the actual level.

Bye-Bye BOY
Meet up with Bye-Bye BOY.

Real easy, when you are done make sure you quit the game using the house and you will get this trophy. The game will tell you when to use the PS button.
The BOY House
Rotate the roof of the BOY House.

Hop into your house and slowly move the right stick in a circle and this should pop up soon.

The Space Squirrel
Find the Space Squirrel.

At any time hold up on the left stick and hit the start button. Float up and report your length to the girl and you will get this trophy. This one can be done at the same time as 765 if you want to do them at the same time feel free.

BOY Quiz Expert
Answer all questions correctly in the BOY Quiz.

I am not sure if someone can actually not get this trophy unless they never start up the game. Simple enough, start the game and complete the tutorial. You answer by using the button in question.

Silver Trophies

Report a length of exactly 765m to GIRL.

This is a more technical trophy. To start of this does not have to be your current length, it is the total length you will be reporting to the Girl (see The Space Squirrel).

1. First thing you need to do is hold right on your left stick and hit start. This will bring up the stats pages, From the first page that pops up you can see at the top your unreported length. At the bottom is your current length, leaving this up while you stretch is a good idea, you don’t have to but you can play with this screen up.
2. Stretch out using the sticks and when you are at about 100m click in and hold the sticks to shrink back down
3. When you are getting close to 765 you might want to try locking down your right side (hold down R2 and don’t move your stick) and just stretch out very little with the left stick to get down only getting one meter at a time. Also make sure you are shrunk down at a close number, when shrinking fast you will rebound and bounce around causing yourself to stretch when you don’t want to and could cause yourself to go over 765
4. Once 765 has been hit let go of every button, hit start once, then hold up and start to get to the sun so you can report you length, make sure it is 765 again there then go ahead and report it. Poof, a trophy.

The Prince
Take the Prince for a ride.

For this one you are searching for an all green level that is inhabited by what appear to be Eskimos and koala bears. Once you find this level make sure you see the katamaris falling from the sky and start looking for the prince. You don’t want to stretch out to far because he is small and you wont be able to see him if you are zoomed out to far. Once you find him stretch out a bit then follow him around till he hops on and poof, trophy for you.

Make BOY’s body grow thicker while keeping his head small.

On any level stretch out as far as you can on the level then eat everything in site till you can’t hold anything else inside. at this time hold L3 in until you are back to the starting length. Repeat this untill the trophy pops up for you, it may take a while.

Combined Character
Create a combined character by eating an animal and a human or a fruit and a human.

Eat only one human and one animal or fruit. Tap R2 to pop them out and you should get the trophy

Gold Trophy

Eat Your Words!
Eat the words NOBY NOBY BOY within the manual or in the staff credits.

Hit select to bring up your manual, tap L2 under the “About NOBY NOBY BOY” line. Once at this section position yourself above the section where there are no words and tape triangle once. now you will interact with words on the screen. When you hold down L2 in this mode you will eat the words on the screen, so now all you have to do is eat “NOBY NOBY BOY” IN ORDER and you will get this trophy.


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