Monday, March 2, 2009

Afro Samurai: Game Review (PS3, 360)

"Blood,Revenge and memorable Sam Jackson one liners. Did I mention blood? A ton of it? Does the game do the series Justice? Why don’t you step over to the other side so we can take a look at Afro Samurai….

After seeing early footage of this title and being a huge Sam Jackson fan, I reserved it. Then I thought that perhaps I should actually watch the first season to make sure I would be interested in it. I bought it and quickly found myself wishing two things: First being that I watched it sooner and second that the game would hurry up and get here already! With that being said, you can see my expectations were pretty high for this game.

Visually, Afro Samurai looks like the Anime in which it is based. Using cel- shading to capture the unique style of the universe as well as varied multi-angled cut scenes. It looks like you’re watching the series and really adds to the immersion factor.

Now to what is important, it looks good but how does it play? Well, Here is where the game starts to lose it’s luster for me. First and foremost it is a third person action game where you face tons of enemies and basically hack and slash your way through them. Nothing wrong with a hack and slash title, they have their place and there are times that is exactly what I want to play. There are a few “Go pull this lever then find and press another lever” moments but nothing complicated like a God of War or Prince of Persia puzzle which takes some thought to get through. There are combo moves that you learn and unlock along the way, but let’s be honest, you don’t need them and many times they end up leaving you vulnerable after you try them. So I just used the basic attacks and the occasional block or kick to progress through the game. There are boss battles, which typically are one on one and is one of the bright points of gameplay." -Bombmatt"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Halo 4 Coming Soon: Announced?

Halo 4 rumors begin in 2008. They indicated no future release date, but rumors have been said that Halo 4 might be release for the Xbox 720. They plan to add a lot to Halo 4, they plan to include new maps as well as favorites from the past.

With all the new plan they have, they might break Halo 3’s record of sales and pre-orders, although Halo 3 is 1 of the top most sold games.

In halo 4, they plan to add and keep maps like Lockout, Midship, the Pitt, Guardian, Warlock, and many others will be there with the release. For the most part, there have been no rumors on new gun's, however you can assume they will altar the power of some guns to make gameplay more gun.

Halo 4 have not been announced by the Bungie, and rumors have been going that they have no longer owns the rights to the halo franchise. Also, Bungie has also become bored of Halo and wants to work on a new project. If Halo 4 is ever made, it will probably be made by some other company.

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